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Electric Vehicle information for Atlanta and Georgia

media appearances

I have made several minor appearances in the media over the years. Mostly these are a result of having the first Chevy Volt in the region, and an EV early adopter in general. I’m also an activist for charging infrastructure in metro Atlanta, and so I end up being interviewed in various situations involving charging stations, such as new openings.

This isn’t my day job, so I’m just keeping track here of where I’ve popped up.

Dec 2010: German TV crew filmed my early Volt delivery (automobil show on VOX network)

Feb 2011: local newsletter (about First Volt In Georgia living in my ATL neighborhood)

Feb 2011: Clark Howard CNN/HLN story on EVs comparing my Chevy Volt to a dealer Leaf (Clark later bought a Leaf)

Jan 2012: featured in article in CarStations.com newsletter about EV ownership and charging infrastructure

Feb 2012: Clark Howard CNN/HLN segment interviewing me and another Volt owner on our first-year experiences

May 2012: interview on Inside The Black Box, Georgia Tech’s science/tech radio show on WREK; EV basics; download the mp3 here

(some are missing in the middle here)

Feb 2013: TV appearance on the occasion of the new chargers at Manuel’s Tavern

Mar 2013: AJC op-ed about the benefits of EV ownership

May 2013: interview on Inside The Black Box, Georgia Tech’s science/tech radio show on WREK; update on EV market; download the mp3 here

Dec 2013: WSB story on EV arrest

Dec 2013: interview with ChargeOnAmerica website

Dec 2013: article on BMW i3 fan website about my decision to get a BMW i3, after the end of my 3-year lease of the Volt

July 2014: letter published in Georgia Trend magazine, entitled “Debunking EV Myths”, that commented on the EV opinion piece that ran in their June 2014 issue.

Apr 2015: video about being an EV early adopter beautifully produced by Proper Medium for Georgia Power, part of a new promotional series; all videos can be seen on their Youtube channel.

Jun 2015: article on BMW i3 fan website about Georgia tax credit running out, and DCFC growth in Georgia; story also carried on InsideEVs and BMWblog

Jun 2015: interview on Inside The Black Box, Georgia Tech’s science/tech radio show on WREK; last chance to get Georgia tax credit, update on DCFC rollout; download the mp3 here

Nov 2015: radio interview with CBC Radio-Canada (French language side), audio story here and print story here (both in French).

Nov 2015: brief appearance in this fantastic video about the growth of EVs in Atlanta, produced by CBC Radio-Canada, includes interviews with all of the luminaries of the EV movement in Atlanta