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EV science / technology

EV science / technology links

My collection of the best resources that I’ve found that dive deeper into the science and technology behind electric vehicles. If you are really interested in this technology, here’s the good stuff.

See the separate DC Fast Charging page for information on DCFC in Atlanta and on power absorption capabilities of the different models.

Why Batteries Die by Prof. Jeff Dahn, 2013

How Tesla batteries work with PhD scholar Ravindra Kempaiah, 2019
0h35m05s: great explanations and visualizations of battery chemistries and components
1h30m40s: effects of high temperature and voltage and time, reiterating Dahn talk above

Two-part series by Two Bit da Vinci about Tesla’s Model 3 batteries, 2018
Part 1 of 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGFiaWvD-KI (chemistry, economics, form factor)
Part 2 of 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdUqQZC2dcE (packaging, degradation, temperature management)

presentations by JB Straubel, Tesla CTO:

Sept 2013, Energy@Stanford & SLAC Conference, jump to 12m00s and 19m00s points

May 2014, annual Energy Storage Symposium, at 19m10s he gets into home storage solutions and at 26m40s into the (positive!) impacts to the larger grid

other resources:

2018: a series of short videos showing the internals of the Tesla Model 3, including drivetrain, inverter, cooling and HV system.

2015: EAA comments on California DCFC rollout, excellent analysis of charging infrastructure needs for roadtrips:

2015: temperature impacts, Leaf fleet study:

2014: Union of Concerned Scientists shows how a widely-misreported UM study actually shows that EVs are cleaner than gas cars:

2008: Sherry Boschert of Plug In America did a massive well-to-wheels emissions meta analysis:

ChargedEVs magazine’s collection of white papers: