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Electric Vehicle information for Atlanta and Georgia


Welcome to ElectrifyAtlanta.com , a guide to Electric Vehicles (EVs) intended specifically for Atlantans and Georgians.  If you’re here, you probably already know about EVs and are interested in finally moving to one.  This site is designed to help you navigate through the details.

On the left side of the screen you will see the most important pages of this website, reference info that answers the most common and urgent questions that people usually have.

If you are new to electric vehicles (EVs), definitely download and print out the EV basics fact sheet and EV market guide. It’s just two pages, and designed to be printed out double-sided on a single piece of paper, because it’s the intro fact sheet that some local EV activists carry around to hand out to people when asked about these cars. We also use this fact sheet at outreach events, handing it out to people who show interest in EVs, and it is updated 2-3 times a year.

The federal tax credit for EVs was revamped in August 2022 and there’s a page dedicated to explaining those new tax credits.  The old tax credit was pretty simple to understand, but unfortunately the new one is quite complex, and that page walks you through it.  If you’re considering buying an EV, new or used, take a look at that page before you buy, and also note that the fact sheet discussed above shows prices after tax credit.  Don’t just look at the MSRP!

The checklist for the perfect EV was completely overhauled in December 2023, and captures my 15+ years of experience in researching, shopping for, buying and owning EVs. Once you understand the basics, and are seriously evaluating the EV models on the market, it’s time to digest that long document. At least read through the must-have section at the top.

The most important pages are linked on the left, but there is some secondary information posted on the right.  This includes more detailed information about EV technology, specific cars that I’ve owned and can provide more detailed guidance on, and the free access to HOV lanes (a complex topics).

Some of the car pages have detailed information about finding a great value in a used EV. When evaluating a specific used car that’s listed for sale, it can be difficult figuring out exactly which options the car is equipped with. The seller may not have provided sufficient photos, or some features can only be discerned from photos if you know exactly what to look for. The “used advice” information on these car pages is there to help you research specific cars that you are finding in used inventory. As of Sept 2022, there are dedicated pages for the Nissan Leaf, the BMW i3, the Chevy Volt and the Tesla models.

If you are really interested in EVs, you should come down to the monthly meeting of the “EV Club of the South” group. We meet up at Manuel’s Tavern on the third Wednesday of every month, and at our meeting typically ever major EV on the market is represented, with owners happy to answer questions or even give you a ride in their car. The EV Club has a website here, and they have a very active Facebook group.

I’ve been following this stuff really closely since 2008, have learned a lot over the years and many EVs owned, and have organized it all and offer it up to you here.  Sadly some news sources out there will outright lie to you about EVs, and so hopefully this reference site serves well in opposition to all that disinformation.

Start by downloading and printing the EV fact sheet.  I hope all this helps you in your EV journey!

– Chris