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Electric Vehicle information for Atlanta and Georgia

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I’m an electric vehicle (EV) enthusiast by hobby. I’ve been interested in EVs since the 1990s, but really started to get seriously into it in 2008 when the current wave of EVs got going. In April 2009 I test drove a Tesla Roadster and that pretty much gave me religion.

By day I’m an electrical engineer, specifically working in the field of satellite communications. I do not have any business interests in the EV industry; I simply want to help promote this technology because of its potential to literally change the world. This site is purely a labor of love and intended as a service to the community.

Besides EVs and EV charging infrastructure, I’m also a close follower of the renewable energy sector (photovoltaics and energy storage in particular) and the power grid issues that those technologies raise. While I’m happily employed, I’m definitely interested in the power / energy sector, so please do reach out to me if you have something exciting to talk about.

Chris C.