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Electric Vehicle information for Atlanta and Georgia

EV basics fact sheet and EV market guide

EV-market-and-basicsI created this Electric Vehicles fact sheet (PDF, 250 kB) as an intro to EVs. The first page summarizes the cars available on the market now, and the second page goes through the basics of electric vehicles. If you do just one thing while visiting this website, do this: grab this PDF and look at it later.

There are over a dozen plug-in cars on the Georgia market! Everyone knows about the Nissan Leaf because it’s cheap and ubiquitous, and most people know about the Tesla Model S and X because of the cutting edge technology and insane performance, but between those two extremes there are now plenty of other plug-in cars to choose from. Click on the PDF to see what they are.

December 2016 update note:

The market listing on this fact sheet has now been completely overhauled.  The main part of listing now focuses on the pure electric cars available in Georgia, and the bottom section lists the REx and PHEV models available (acronyms explained in PDF document).  The PHEV segment in particular is rapidly expanding.

A few notable developments:

For the first time, the most affordable EV on the market is NOT the Nissan Leaf.   The Ford Focus Electric is now slightly cheaper, by virtue of its lowered price and the Leaf’s slightly raised price.  Ford has added DC Fast Charging capability to the car, and extended the range, so the FFE is now quite compelling.  However, I continue to discourage buying a new FFE outright, indeed any new EV — I still recommend that you lease new but buy used, and this is especially true for the FFE.

The market grid now includes the Chevy Bolt EV, even though it is not available in Georgia quite yet.  However it WILL be sold in Georgia, and will likely have a big impact on the market, and so it is included here for comparison purpose.  This car will likely provide downward pressure on the cost of the other cars on the market, especially the BMW i3, so watch for possible discounts of the other cars during 2017.

Similarly the Tesla Model 3 is still far from being available, but it has enormous attention in the industry and media, and it always comes up in conversations about EVs, so I’ve included it in the grid.

Other cars that are likely to graduate up to the main listing in future months include the Toyota Prius Prime, Volkswagen e-Golf and BMW 330e.  The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid (plugin) minivan is another interesting model but it seems unlikely to be marketed outside of CARB states.  On the flip side, the Kia Soul EV has not been selling well in Georgia (usually due to constrained supply from carmaker) and may get dropped from the grid on the next update.

Think about this for a minute … How much are you spending on gasoline in your old car right now? How about for maintenance? (EVs have almost zero maintenance costs.) Now, have you ever actually driven an EV? Prepare to be wowed.