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Electric Vehicle information for Atlanta and Georgia

public charging stations in metro Atlanta and beyond

EVSE-mapI created this map of charging stations around Atlanta (PDF, 642 kB) to demonstrate how widespread EV charging has already become in just four years. It includes a discussion of notable locations around town, and points you to the best website to use to find stations anywhere in the country.

When charging at a public station, you should be aware of proper charging etiquette.

February 2017 update note: Georgia Power has now completed their initial rollout of “charging island” stations, which feature both Level 2 and dual-standard DCFC stations for a nominal cost. NRG has upgraded most of their EVGO stations from Chademo-only to dual-standard, thanks to support from BMW.  Georgia now has good, if sparse, coverage of north Georgia and middle Georgia, and cities in neighboring states are now reachable.  You can now do a roadtrip in your EV!

Local EV owner Ray R. created this cost comparison spreadsheet to show how the cost of the new Georgia Power stations compares to the NRG “EVGO” charging plans that have been available in the Atlanta market since November 2014.  However it is out of date, needing updates on the pricing models and a fix to a bug in how the NRG calcs work for multiple DCFC session.